Marcia Graves: Software Engineer and... Drag Racer?

About 15 years ago, Marcia Graves decided to pick up new hobby. What may you ask? Well, drag racing and road racing of course!

Road racing is done on closed public highways with the racers competing to come closest to their own specified average times for the course.

Marcia explained, “I had kids when I was young, so when they all left home I had time and money to pick it up. I have always loved fast cars and have wanted to do it since I was a teenager.”

Since her racing career began, Marcia has used 4 different cars. Two were Ford Mustangs for drag racing and two were Corvettes for road racing. She went on to explain:

“I have to depend on friends to help with the maintenance, so my drag cars are pretty docile - they only run about 112 in the quarter mile. I wrecked my first Mustang at the track and found another. Had a little better luck with the Corvettes, sold the 1st one to finance the second.”

On the weekends when the races are going you can usually find Marcia at the Oahe Speedway participating in drag racing events. Throughout the year she also attends two road racing events, one in Texas in April and the second in Nebraska in August. Coincidentally, Marcia just returned from the event in Nebraska where her 2007 Corvette Z06 did 195.7 mph in the standing mile!

When asked what she likes most about racing Marcia explained, “I love going fast! I am an adrenaline junkie!”

Want to see Marcia in all her glory? She will be at the Oahe Speedway racing on August 27th and 28th and then again on Labor Day weekend!

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