Programmer-Analyst, Valued Team Member and Friend

Doug Hauf
BIT Development was having a very difficult time finding applicants who wanted to do mainframe.  One applicant came in for an interview with a Java background but said he was willing to do anything.  That started Doug Hauf’s career with BIT.  We certainly did put his willingness to the test.  He jumped into JCL, COBOL, and Natural within the first couple months and then we threw WebMethods and C#.NET at him.  Doug never wavered.  He asked lots of questions and kept asking until he fully understood the topic.  He would laugh and say, “Well, I learned something new today.”  He was always willing to try anything we gave him.  He was always willing to learn to the point he would go home and try to find software to install on his personal computer or books to read so he could keep improving his skills. 

On the personal side, Doug was always happy and friendly.  His attitude and demeanor was calm and joyful no matter how crazy things around him were.  His little half-smile and laugh were always at the ready.  Doug was a natural story-teller and frequently would give us stories from his past or humorous things that had happened recently.  No matter what was happening, Doug would find humor in it.  We remember the day he got locked inside his apartment…only he could tell that story…what a hoot!

A lot of Doug’s stories were from times with his family.  He often talked about fishing with his dad.  His family was so important to him and he would often share memories of times with his parents and his aunts and uncles. 

We lost a valued team asset and a good friend.  Doug, we know you are having fun…we will miss you! 

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