Insuring a Successful Purchase-Moratoriums

Moratoriums are for non-standard items and standard items on the BIT website where moratorium approval is required. When an agency purchases nonstandard or noncontract technology it must go through the BIT moratorium process. This process is in place to make sure that technology is compatible with state computer and network environment. BIT also evaluates security posture and support requirements of the product. In some situations the agency may be responsible for support.

Moratorium guidelines include the following:
  • Moratoriums are only for the item and quantity listed in the request.
  • New moratoriums are required for additional purchases or installations, even if they have been previously approved.
  • New moratoriums are required for full version upgrades of a previously approved item.
BIT uses a guideline of 5-working days to approve most moratoriums. Software moratoriums will take longer because the vetting process is more complicated due to security and licensing terms. BIT has significant amounts of experience in understanding software and hardware technology.  Our experience in software licensing is expanding every day.  It is to your benefit to take advantage of this expertise as soon as you have identified a technology need.

Bypassing the moratorium process brings about many challenges and risks for BIT and the requesting agency. A product purchased without BIT approval cannot be installed without BIT involvement.  The request will still have to go through it normal moratorium process regardless of the “crisis” situation. If the agency already purchased the product, the purchased product can still be denied and prevented from going into the state’s technology environment. In those cases, the agencies assume the financial responsibility and must work with the vendor for returning the product.

BIT will always work with the agency to find a solution, avoiding the moratorium processes may result in a very stressful event for all parties involved.   BIT understands that exceptions to our standards are needed on occasion.  Involving us early in the identifying stages of the request will allow for all of us to be successful in meeting the needs.

Please contact your BIT Point of Contact or visit for more information on the moratorium process.

A special thanks goes out to Eugene Thomas for providing us with this article!

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