The Internet of Things

We hear about the Internet of Things all the time, but what is the “Internet of Things”? It's products and things that are connected by the internet. The latest trend is smart appliances.  Smart appliances include common items such as thermostats, garage doors, toothbrushes, wearable health trackers, and even your bed. They collect data about how you use them and learn your habits.  Typically, the device connects to an app and provides you feedback to help you make lifestyle changes along the way. The Internet of Things is going to transform the way we live!

Samsung has an internet connected refrigerator which tweets and plays music directly from Pandora. Have you heard of the Nest thermostat? It’s the next generation thermostat that Google bought for $3.2 billion.  Nest learns your schedule, programs itself and can be controlled from your phone. There are web-connected tennis rackets available that use sensors within the racket itself to determine your swing to provide you information on why you keep hitting the ball out of the court. The list goes on…

Eventually all of these things will work together and create what people are calling a “smart house.” There are challenges that come with a fully connected life. For instance, a Samsung refrigerator can’t talk to a Sony TV. This is because each company is working on their own technology which isn’t compatible with the other company’s technology. Many internet-connected devices are able to process sensitive personal information.  Because of this there are also concerns with security and privacy, like—who owns your data? What if hackers infiltrate your home, can your house get a virus?

The list of challenges causes experts to believe that the Internet of Things will not take off until far into the future.  As more companies get more interested in these types of technology, it is no question that the internet of things is going to get even bigger very soon.

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