Attention State Agencies: New Devices


BIT Support Services would like to stress to all state agencies that agencies and/or users should not un-pack and setup devices themselves. By attempting to setup devices without our assistance could cause some unwanted issues. It is important to remember that HP has many pre-loaded apps that the State does not support. One of these applications is a security applet that automatically sets a BIOS password on portable devices. If the agency and/or user were to set a BIOS password on their portable device and forget it down the road, BIT cannot guarantee that we will be able to remove the password - even with assistance from Hewlett Packard. If the password cannot be removed, there is a slight possibility that the unit will not be able to properly configured, thus it would not have the ability to function on the network. Another important aspect to remember is that the unit will not have all the necessary state applications if set up without the assistance of BIT.

Once again, BIT Support Services would like to advise all state agencies and users to contact BIT when receiving a new device. Please do not un-pack and setup devices without the proper assistance. If you have any questions about un-packing or setting up devices, please contact the BIT Help Desk (773-HELP) for assistance with obtaining the proper work request.

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