New Staff: BIT Team + 2!

This week we welcome two more members to the BIT team, Carrie Tschetter and Theresa Tibbs!

Carrie Tschetter has joined the BIT team as the Point of Contact for Veterans Affairs, Military, Public Utilities Commission and Revenue.  Prior to coming to BIT, she worked for Revenue for 18 years.  Carrie and her husband, Brett, have two kids, Molly, 19 and Carson, 14. Their happy family is completed with a couple of dogs and a cat. Together they enjoy camping, hunting and fishing. Currently, during the baseball season they spend a lot of time in the bleachers watching baseball. 

Theresa Tibbs works with the South Dakota Broadband Initiative and assists with the verification of the cellular provider’s service areas.  The job takes Theresa to all corners of the state with testing equipment, “I’ve certainly had the opportunity to see a lot more of South Dakota than I had before!” Theresa enjoys traveling, being outdoors and staying busy. As always, spending time with family and friends is important to her. She will be returning to the University of South Dakota in Vermillion in July and plans to apply in August for the nursing program. If all goes as planned, she will be continuing to work on the project from there. 

We are glad to have you both here at BIT. Welcome to the team!

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