Welcome to BIT Robert and Aske

Robert Mathew
Please welcome the following new employees to our BIT Team.

Robert Mathew is a new software engineer on Deanee Booth's team in Development. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering with about 15 years of experience both on the Mainframe and Client Server technologies. He was born and raised in India and then immigrated to the United States. He is married with two children. He last worked for HSBC in Tampa, Florida and then took a break to do some charity work back in India. 

This is the first time he has seen so much snow and he and his family are loving it! Please be reminded that his last name of Mathew has only
one "t".
Aske Whitebird

Aske Whitebird began her duties on December 3 as a Business Analyst working on Adam Emerson's team within Development. She was previously employed at Eagle Creek Software Services in Pierre where she worked for a little over two years. 

She enjoys working in her garden, knitting, traveling, and going to concerts (especially at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally).

BIT staff appreciate you joining our team and look forward to working with you on upcoming projects.

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