25 Years of Dedicated Service

David Zolnowsky, BIT Commissioner, recognizes and thanks Larry
Rohrer, SDPB Director of Content, for his 25 years of dedicated
service to state government and to South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

This is definitely a photo to archive!
We appreciate all that you do, Larry!

Larry has long been known as the voice of SDPB from his early days
on the radio. He became the Director of Content in May 2007.
The position was created to help SDPB continue the move towards
better coordination and utilization of new and existing media.
And to accomplish key strategic planning goals to increase local
content and create a multi-media environment. Prior to this, Larry
served as Director of SDPB's Online Services from 1998 to 2007
and Director of Radio from 1992 to 1998. Larry manages the
SDPB programming and strategic planning.

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