Setting the Standard: BIT Social Media Guidelines

Social media and digital communications continue to be a growing phenomenon throughout the world. Social media activities come with a separate set of business boundaries which continue to maintain a constant presence in an ever-changing and ever-evolving online social atmosphere.

Within state government, social media policies and guidelines continue to be implemented to provide employees and communications staff a basis of how best to use these communication tools.

BIT provides a standard set of social media guidelines that state agencies can use.

Elements of a social media policy or set of guidelines may include, but is not limited to the following:
  • Outline the benefits of the social media platforms and how they relate to your business needs.

  • Provide suggestions on professional social media use; including what to post, when to post and when and how to engage in comments and conversations.

  • Consider best practices and core values when it comes to developing an online community.

  • Provide suggestions on social media etiquette.

  • Incorporate security guidelines; with an emphasis on password protection and understanding why social media is more prone to security threats.

  • Establish guidelines on recording and archiving the records published under each social media platform involved with your business.

  • Identify crisis management strategies and possible solutions.

  • Define who is responsible for the maintenance and management of social media along with its goals and objectives.

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