Social media is…

Informative. Social media provides clear, in depth content useful to consumers. Blogs are an informative platform; focusing attention on an issue or concern with a fresh perspective. Blogging breaks down barriers, fosters communication, encourages transparency and accountability, forces greater responsiveness and puts a face to the organization. Follow the BIT blog.

Conversational. Social media is designed to be exactly that—social! Dialogue and interaction among family, friends, retailers, citizens and consumers is the foundation of social media. Facebook has created a whole new way for individuals and businesses to have online conversations and interact from anywhere in the world.

Newsworthy. Individuals, businesses, government agencies, media outlets and other organizations realize that platforms, such as Twitter, are easy ways to reach their target market. Twitter completely revolutionized the way consumers receive their news and updates. Follow BIT on Twitter.

Sharing. Similar to being conversational, social media utilizes different methods of transferring information from one to another. One of these methods is how YouTube provides the capability of sharing videos. This is an excellent resource for businesses in the form of recruitment, how-tos, product promotion, staff recognition and much more.

Networking. It has never been easier to develop and continue to form professional relationships than it is today through the power of social media. LinkedIn is a formal version of social media; allowing individuals and businesses to network and connect online in a professional manner through job announcements, business news, member status and skills updates, economic development and more. Follow the State of South Dakota on LinkedIn.

Visual. One of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, quickly rising to third in the hierarchy has been Pinterest. This can be attributed to the visually appealing content produced on Pinterest; which can be beneficial to a wide variety of industries from travel and tourism, economic development, to the outdoors, weddings, fashion and beauty, food, automobiles, film, health, photography, sports, technology and much, much more! Follow the State of South Dakota on Pinterest. 

Creative. Friends want to know what their friends are doing. Similarly, consumers are always interested in updated business practices. Instagram allows friends and businesses to be creative on social media, posting descriptive pictures attached to short descriptions.

Innovative. Countless social media platforms are introduced to the market on a regular basis, but to become successful, they must find a niche in how they relay information. Combining similarities of YouTube and Instagram, Vine has done just that and has become a very inventive social media outlet. By only allowing short video clips, Vine requires the user to be innovative and creative, in six seconds or less, when posting everyday activities. 

-Marcus Mahlen

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