Blog Writing Tips

Blogs are the heart of the social media landscape. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms do not offer the type of quality content that a blog article can produce. Below are suggestions to think about when writing a blog article:
      Listen- Ideas for various articles can come from almost anywhere throughout your business whether it is a story about a particular product, or a new member to the staff. Listening and taking notes helps to file these ideas allows for a good start in writing them later.

      Be Informed- The communications director or staff member who manages the blog is not the subject matter expert in all areas of the business. This individual must work with many other staff members and leadership to gain that in depth knowledge of other staff members' everyday activities. If you don’t know enough about the topic you plan on writing about, ask questions and get answers from those who do. It will only improve the article. Another idea would be to request to have guest bloggers periodically give a fresh perspective on various topics. 

         Know your audience- A marketer is taught is to be outward thinking rather than inward; focusing on the customer’s wants, consumer relations, advertising, and public relations, which are all major components involved in an outward oriented strategy. Knowing your audience should be carefully considered when writing blog articles or other content on social media platforms. This also improves the articles you produce and the amount of feedback you receive. 

Continue to evolve
Similar to traditional media channels, social media outlets need to continue to evolve in the stories they produce and strategies they pursue in reaching different markets. By keeping the content fresh, interesting, and exciting, the readers will continue to stay engaged and you will develop a strong base of loyal followers. 

      Get to the point- Every social media outlet has a different format of presenting the content, but they all have a similar goal: Get to the point. In today’s ever-changing on the go society, consumers are more likely to read or scan short, informative articles rather than novels.

       -Marcus Mahlen

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