1st Annual All Staff Picnic

As another way of actively engaging and appreciating employees, BIT held its first annual all staff picnic at Oahe Downstream just outside of Pierre on the evening of August 16, 2012. BIT directors and managers provided pork loin cooked by BIT’s own Barbeque Chef, Jeff Putzier. Employees who signed up to attend, were invited to bring their families, as well as a dish to share with everyone. 

Jeff Putzier getting ready to serve the pork loin.
Jeff's trailer with an indoor kitchen.

Friends and colleagues dishing up at the picnic.
"It was nice to have a get-together outside of the work environment," said Deb Dufour, LAN Services Manager. "It is always fun to visit with folks you do not see every day. My husband talked about fishing with friends and my daughter found a couple of her classmates to hang out with. Jeff Putzier always does a great job and the variety of food was also really good."

More friends and colleagues waiting in line.

Samantha Pedersen & her son Riley.

"My family and I enjoyed getting out of the house and socializing," said Samantha Pedersen, BIT Graphics and Web Developer. "The food was amazing and it was the perfect evening for the picnic. We had a really fun time."

In addition to providing the pork loin, BIT directors and managers also donated five, $20.00 gift cards to the View. Names were randomly drawn and Adam Emerson, Mike Haraldson, Kevin Sunde, Jamie Fry and Jeff Meyer were each awarded a gift card. Employees had to be present to win.
“Employees, children, spouses and significant others enjoyed great food, fun games, nice weather and good conversation,” said Andy Ogan, BIT Technology Architect. “I was only there for a short time, but it was certainly nice to be part of the camaraderie of co-workers and friends.” Many thanks to Andy Ogan for taking the photographs seen in this blog article. More photographs from the picnic are featured below.

Wayne Hayden-Moreland & Gayle Merscheim pictured with their spouses.
Bonnie Bauder, Sven Lerseth and his wife Robin enjoy a conversation.

Mike Waldner, Jim Edman, Jamie Fry and Emily Kiel.

Jamie Fry bringing his beans to share with everyone.
Bonnie Bauder and Jim Edman.
More folks enjoying the picnic.

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